Monday, April 16, 2012

4-17-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

Lo Viste: Hanley On Fire
Will they ever live up to the hype?

We're back uncensored! The Miami Heat's regular season winds down and while many wonder if they've lived up to the hype the question really should be, can that be answered yet before their season is over? The Heat get a bad rep for "All about Us" and other "Spoisms" David and Brendan discover where these come from. Derrick Rose continues to whine like a baby about no foul calls but the facts say otherwise. In Baseball; Ozzie Guillen is set to return to the Marlins dugout after a week suspension. Will the fallout of his "I love Castro" comments continue into the home stand and is it already hurting the Marlins at the turnstile. The Marlins have big fat problem in the 9th inning. Hanley's twitter bat is finally working but he and everyone in the lineup seems to hate the new ballpark.

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