Sunday, April 22, 2012

4-22-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

David Alen has his playoff beard in full effect in honor of the Florida Panthers playoff run. Rats are raining again on the ice but the team president is upset with the fans. The Marlins debuted on "The Franchise" it was centered on Ozzie Guillen. Marlins are off to a .500 start 3 weeks into the season, but Hanley's back. We talk to the always revealing team superstar. Finally the Heat playoffs are upon us but what should we make of the potential match ups in rounds 1 and 2.

Monday, April 16, 2012

4-17-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

Lo Viste: Hanley On Fire
Will they ever live up to the hype?

We're back uncensored! The Miami Heat's regular season winds down and while many wonder if they've lived up to the hype the question really should be, can that be answered yet before their season is over? The Heat get a bad rep for "All about Us" and other "Spoisms" David and Brendan discover where these come from. Derrick Rose continues to whine like a baby about no foul calls but the facts say otherwise. In Baseball; Ozzie Guillen is set to return to the Marlins dugout after a week suspension. Will the fallout of his "I love Castro" comments continue into the home stand and is it already hurting the Marlins at the turnstile. The Marlins have big fat problem in the 9th inning. Hanley's twitter bat is finally working but he and everyone in the lineup seems to hate the new ballpark.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

4-7-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

The Miami Heat need to rest and Erik Spoelstra needs to chill. The Heat head coach goes after the media for fabricated stories of fatigue. The Miami Marlins open their park and Lance Berkman hates it. Jeffery Loria gets hammered for having Muhammed Ali deliver the first pitch but we got the owner's back. Warren Sapp is bankrupt but at least he has a "Large Nude Woman Painting". Ozzie Guillen loves to drink he may be drowning in booze if the Fish don't start hitting.

Monday, March 26, 2012

3-26-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

Fake Hanley Returns!
Heat Crushed by the Thunder & Pacers. Is it time to Panic?
The Miami Heat panic alarm has been sounded by the fan base. We've had enough of the outrage over the regular season and ban the whiny bandwagoners. The Miami Marlins are a week away from opening their new park and Fake Hanley stops by to talk about his awesome spring and why he's BFF with Jose Reyes. Tim Tebow picks New York over Jacksonville, the Tuna could return to the sidelines, and Stephen Ross will not stop talking. The more he talks the more it angers the fans.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

3-18-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

The NCAA Tournament is in full swing and Frank Haith is bounced in the first round by a 15 seed. Justice is served for the Canes fans. They feel vindicated but will anyone ever care about UM Hoops? Peyton Manning watch continues. The Dolphins will host Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and David Garrard, wheeeee! The Marlins are in danger of starting the season with no Giancarlo Stanton and no Logan Morrison.  Plus the Heat old faults are creeping back lately with poor play from the point guard and center, but is Chris Bosh the true key to getting the team back to their elite play.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 D.A. & Tobin Show

Ricardo Rubio joins the show to talk about his knee injury

We give you the latest on Peyton Manning and where he will sign now that he's a free agent. We speak to Ricardo Rubio about his newly torn ACL. We take on the whiny Miamians that are crying about the new Marlins ballpark and parking situation. Plus the why do people have trouble saying Giancarlo Stanton.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-2-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

LeBron dishes it off at the buzzer but this time in a game that counts. Twitter explodes. Marlins reserve outfielder tells Marlins fans to get a life because they hate his dumb YouTube video.

Monday, February 27, 2012

2-27-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

NBA All  Star Weekend did not leave anyone short of topics. The slam dunk contest was a dud David gives his solution. Derrick Rose is a troll who refuses to have fun. Kobe Bryant challenges LeBron to take the last shot, he didn't but does it matter. Ryan Braun beats the system but is still getting screwed. Hanley comes back to discuss every story line surrounding the Marlins.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2-20-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

David and Brendan return for a president's day edition of the show. Linsanity is tuning up for a trip to South Beach with Melo back in the fold. That Heat Knicks matchup has everything to gain for New York and nothing to lose while it's vice versa for Miami. Hanley becoming a leader, Heat Idol to win tickets. Kobe is whining once again. The San Francisco Giants act like wuss bags and Mets pitcher gets a nose job.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2-12-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

We debut the show on the Miami Radio airwaves and bring the inaugural show to you in this week's podcast. David and Brendan debate heavily if LeBron's backlash has anything to do with coming just to Miami and whether it would be just as bad if he and Dwyane went somewhere else together. Peyton Manning Papa John's commercial truly reveals his health. Yoenis Cespdes Watch has reached phase 3.

Friday, February 3, 2012

2-3-2012 The D.A. & Tobin Show

We speak with "Yoenis Cespedes" and he explains why he doesn't want to come to Miami and we reveal a monster secret about the You Tube sensation. Peyton Manning's future outshines the Super Bowl. Heat cruising against the supposed best in the East. Plus an old friend Seanye West stops by with a message.
He's Back for another Appearance

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1-21-12 D.A. & Tobin Show

The Dolphins hire Joe Philbin as their new head coach. What should fans make of the move? If Matt Flynn comes with him is it history repeating itself. The Mimi Heat's awesome again but the haters remain out in full force. The Marlins owner almost gets run over by LeBron. Why hasn't Prince Fielder been signed yet? Plus predictions of the Super Bowl and how over rated the game is when it comes to quarterback's legacies.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1-15-12 D.A. & Tobin Show

We debate if Tebow's football career has finally peaked with the loss to the Patriots. What will make for an interesting Super Bowl? Is it just Packers vs Patriots. The Heat circus road trip bites them in the butt again but are there more worries then just the grind of the season. The Marlins could be starting a premium cable reality show and The Ghost of Burgess Meredith joins us to discuss Pacquiao vs Mayweather.
What will the ghost of Burgess Meredith
 have to say about Paquiao vs Mayweather

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1-7-2012 D.A. & Tobin Show

We're sick of the BS bowl games in college football, none of them matter and it makes you care less about the championship. We break down the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs who has the best shot to go the Super Bowl. An entire network takes Heat Hater of the Week honors after a week the Heat kept winning without the entire 'Big 3'. Hanley returns to explain "New Hanley" and where all of the sources come from. D.A. and Tobin argue about whether or not Marino's record should still stand or not. Plus Tom Brady another no name coach a big job.